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Bring River Home: A Mother’s Quest For Her Son

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As I log on to twitter (daily) I kept stumbling on a recent topic or tweets for that matter, which showed a mother in what seems like a never ending battle “When fighting for their child” So I decided to look into it.

The tweets reminded me of how much love a parent has for their child, it was apparent to me this mother is not only in pain filled with hurt but that there is a certain un-just in her story.

One has to ask like so many other parents out there whom have their child taken away (so easy) with just a simple start of an allegation or allegations, what is the trauma a child endures psychologically? is it un imaginable? when being forced away from their natural home.

Many parents whom fall victim to such tragedies face the last resort whether it’s blogging and or social media, they quickly adapt and learn the two, because most news outlets fall short on these matters.

For parent(s) whom fight for their child or children many should ask? If they really were at fault and or didn’t care.. What would force them to post and share all of their experiences publicly? in many cases one may think the feeling of  humility prevents them from exposing their story “but its not” Its the mere fact that a parent must show how unjust a legal system can be, a system that usually forces families to share their story with others.

I write this entry because I know so many of you out there may not care of such tragedies as this one example.. Many will argue the caring usually begins when it happens to you and or someone close to you.

But if you can’t imagine for one moment what many accused parents go through daily, take your time and read the story below.

I applaud all brave and pain filled parents out there whom continue to show the world! that they will  NEVER give up on their child and or children. Stay strong, be patient and have faith.

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Credit: Rivco Sheriffs

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