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Though many local government agencies seem to be disappointed, that’s ok!… Most residents that we spoke to agree with Gov. Browns decision! in fact when we asked more than 20 county residents (at Random) that were just walking in and or out of retail establishments in and around Riverside county… Many said the same ” NO MORE HAND OUTS ‘ and most agree that it’s time for County officials to start balancing the budget rather than prolong it past their terms of employment. When we asked 25 random people what they thought about the Veto, 24 out of the 25 agreed and supported Gov. Browns decision and would stand by him, and only one person said they didn’t know and or really care for anymore broken promises…to many times we hear Officials complaining rather than solving issues, and that seems to be a major problem with most media agencies when reporting officials statements, and Citizens voices are commonly ignored and or not heard.. But this time it’s different according to one of Gov. Browns supporters whom plans to vote and or support any of Gov. Jerry Browns decisions on this matter…


So that being said what are your thoughts?

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