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Man’s Death Ruled A ‘Homicide’ Pastor’s Call For Strike..

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Pastors associated with Marshall’s family are calling for a ‘ hunger strike‘ which could start as early as this Monday, until the video evidence is released sources say.

Pic/ Denver Post
Pic/ Denver Post

Michael Marshall’s death has been ruled a homicide, according to the Denver medical examiner’s office.

The six deputies whom were allegedly involved in the restraining of Marshall, still remain on restricted duty.

This is not the first time the Denver Sheriff’s have faced scrutiny, in an unrelated incident. A federal jury awarded $4.65 million to the family of Marvin Booker “a homeless street preacher” who died in a Denver jail back in 2010.

Sources reported that, deputies shocked Booker with a stun gun while he was handcuffed, put him in a sleeper choke hold and laid on top of him.

As I have stated before Officers should not bare ‘Accountability’ alone, these types of incidents more than likely could have been prevented.

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Credit: Rivco Sheriffs

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