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Oregon: Video Appears To Show Officer Attempting To Stop Vehicle With Body

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ORG GIFIn yet another incident involving a fatal shooting, In a video released by the FBI, it appears to show an officer advance towards a vehicle moments before  Robert LaVoy Finicum was shot and killed.

The video appears to show the officer advance towards a rapidly approaching vehicle as if to attempt to stop the vehicle with their body. ( See Video Here )

Many are calling it bizarre, and are asking if that is protocol?

As in many other shootings (un-related) such as the Zachary Hammond, Sam Dubose, and the recent killing of of a Detroit woman ‘ Janet Wilson ‘, many are questioning, if a different type of training maybe needed for officer’s whom respond to pursuits including traffic stops.

Far to often the narrative will read ” Driver drove towards the officer ” or ” officer feared for their safety ” and so on… but in many cases narrative may not explain the full scenario.


One should ask as to why? would anyone put their self in-front of a vehicle that was involved in a chase?

It just seems…. all the excuse needed to escalate a situation, which often turns fatal.

We wrote this story in efforts to raise awareness.


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